A recognised method of producing hollow plastic articles is by rotational moulding. This process however, especially when processing PVC, requires moulds that are corrosion resistant, of high thermal conductivity, capable of accommodating sharp fluctuations of temperature, with relatively thin wall sections but remain mechanically strong enough to give accurate reproduction of fine detail. Electroformed Nickel/Copper moulds meet this criteria.

Moulds can be supplied individually mounted, fitted with auxiliary attachments, or as a ‘gang’ of several moulds mounted on to a metal frame with a common closure system.

Our service includes provision of masters which for smaller items would normally be in wax, but larger components requiring extra stability are better suited by using acrylic or polyester.

The R.I.M and self skinning foam processes are well served by electroforming, especially where leather grain or other fine detail is required. These shells are normally supplied as 3-5mm thick nickel. Backing of shells depends on the application, but can
include filled resin, aluminium casting, or a simple frame to meet customer specifications.

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