P1010521Electroformed cavities have a superior surface finish and accuracy, particularly where fine pitches are involved. As in all electroforming a model or master is created which represents the final proportions required in the cavity. Gear and worm masters are normally manufactured from brass, as this suits our process well, is readily machined and will retain all dimensional and surface finish qualities. With a deposition of hard nickel to 48-50 Rc. to a nominal 5mm thickness there is no need for additional heat treatment. Inserts are normally supplied mounted into steel frames, finish ground and ready for insertion into your mould base.

We undertake all aspects of master manufacture and have at our disposal a wide range of corrected hobs, which allow us to compensate for material shrinkage on both tooth profile and diameters. Worms, screws, augers, vanes and similar masters are thread ground or CNC machined and polished . They can be submitted for inspection prior to processing. We have a fully equipped tool room and can offer consultancy from component through to tool design, mould manufacture and sampling.

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