A particularly good application is the manufacture of electroformed shells, used for tip forming all types and sizes of medical tubing. Our fully equipped tool room can undertake the design and manufacture of highly polished stainless steel mandrels where the form allows extraction of the shell in line of draw. Where undercut forms are required we have developed a method of manufacturing flexible mandrels to facilitate removal. Our service includes assembling the shells with suitable water jackets and mounting brackets, as well as supplying jigs for tube forming and cutting.

We can also undertake the manufacture of Electroformed Nickel and Copper components of a more general nature that do not justify expensive tooling or cannot be readily formed by the normal press or draw methods. Typical applications include reflectors of all shapes including aspheric.

E.D.M. Electrodes
The relatively low labour content involved in the manufacture of fine grained electroformed copper electrodes, coupled with the ability to reproduce complex forms and intricate detail has been found to be invaluable. From a wooden or plastic pattern for example, resins can be cast to produce an exact negative on to which the copper is deposited.

Alternatively, Stereolithography models can be utilised as patterns.

Several electrodes can be made from the same negative and for roughing out purposes it is possible to chemically reduce the surface to accommodate the required spark gap.

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