Welcome to Rotoplas


Rotoplas has specialised in the electroforming of heavy deposition nickel to 48-50Rc since the formation of the company in 1959.

During this period we have established a world wide customer base producing a range of tooling, including injection mould tools for most technical components, especially gear and worm tools and electroformed nickel components including melt moulds for the medical industry. Rotational moulds reproducing exact detail from wax or resin models.

We pioneered the electroforming of reflectors from cube optics for automotive reflex cavities and we are proud of the reputation we have achieved for the tooling of all types of lenses including:

  • Fresnel, single lens and block mounted micro Fresnel’s.
  • Pillow, concave and convex.
  • Optics, to achieve light spread through to light emitting.

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